Rock Steady Software

Custom Database Programming

  • Rock Steady Software has been working with  Microsoft Access since the release of version 1 in 1991 providing custom database solutions to businesses both in Australia and overseas.
  • Rock Steady Software databases can be highly automated, providing interpolation  with other Office programs such as Outlook and Excel.
  • E-mail your quotes, invoices or marketing material directly to clients from the database with a single click of a button.
  • Your database will look and feel like a 'real' application with custom menus and toolbars or office ribbon. Benefit from strong data-typing and data validation with a system that hides the underlying complexity from the user.
  • All databases fully networkable. Separation of data from the user interface makes new or changed data instantly available across the network, while allowing access to sensitive data to be restricted to specific users.
  • A future-proof platform. Your important data can be exported in a wide range of industry standard formats should you need to move to larger scale database technologies as your business grows.
  • Call to discuss your requirements and arrange a no-cost and obligation-free consultation on site.
  • In many cases Rock Steady Software has developed a similar solution for another client which may only need modifying to suit your needs, keeping your costs down

Your Requirements

  • Do you need a database to track your complete business operation from raw materials to finished product?
  • Or do you just need a single special-purpose function that is too difficult to achieve with a spreadsheet or needs to be more easily shared?
  • Perhaps you have an existing Access database that needs some changes or improvements or you have started to build your own database and just need some help getting it to work properly.

Rock Steady Software can help




Below are just a few of the companies using Rock Steady Software Databases as their major business tool.

Pacific Resources International
5/20 Clifford Street, Mosman
Director: Frank Ruckreigel
Phone: (02) 9960 2355

GNC Quality (Building contractors)
5 River Street, Birchgrove
Director: Nick Evtoushenko
Phone: (02) 9555 8886

Multipack Pty Ltd
47 Heathcote Road, Moorebank
Director: Adam Rawson
Phone: (02) 9600 4550

Pet Carriers International
16 Beresford Street, Mascot
Director: Ken Heikkinen
Phone: (02) 9700 7223

Rotech Products
65-87 Seaton St, Armidale NSW 2350
Manager: David Ovenden
Phone: (02) 6772 0400