Rock Steady Software


Rock Steady Software operates on a policy of 'Result Based Charges'. Should we determine that your problem or requirements fall outside the scope of our expertise, there will be no charge.

Your Database 'On Spec'
Database work is charged by the hour so quite naturally, a new client may be concerned about the cost of a project and ask for an estimate. Estimating the cost of a database accurately without a detailed specification is very difficult. Once development is underway and the client starts to appreciate the power and potential of a custom database there will often be requests for additional analytical reports, automated email functions, form letters etc.
For new clients concerned about costs I will offer to start development on spec. After 5 to 10 hours work, the work in progress is presented to the client in order for them to assess the quality and value of the work.
At this point the client can opt to continue the project or abandon it with no charge or obligation.

Keeping You in the Loop
Once development of your database is underway, you will receive frequent updates of the work in progress to ensure that the goals and usability of the database are up to expectations. As each new form, function or report is built, you will receive a preview along with a statement of hours and costs incurred to date. 

Emergency on-site calls
(response time under 2 hours)

$99.00 per hour

Fixing errors or bugs in work already invoiced and paid


Scheduled (non-urgent) on-site support

$77.00 per hour

On-site instruction and training

$77.00 per hour

Database programming and development

$77.00 per hour

In-house help with hardware, software, new PC configuration
(client delivers and picks up from Rock Steady Software)

$55.00 per hour

In-house training and instruction

$55.00 per hour

Travel time
(charged for jobs under 2 hours or distances over 30 kms)

$38.50 per hour