Rock Steady Software


Database Ownership

Rock Steady Software charges for time spent in designing, building and testing your database. There are no ongoing license fees; you own the rights to your database and may deploy it on as many workstations within your organization as you wish. You may not sell or give away copies of the database to third parties without prior arrangement with Rock Steady Software.
Support will be withdrawn for clients in breach of this condition.

Database Modifications

If you or a third party make modifications to your database, Rock Steady Software reserves the right to withdraw support.

Your Obligations

Your data is your responsibility. Rock Steady Software is not responsible for financial or other losses incurred due to corrupt or missing data files caused by hardware failure, network errors, virus attacks, malicious staff, user modifications, incorrect operation or any other reason. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have reliable backups of your critical data files.
Rock Steady Software recommends multiple backup copies, on and off site, and at least a week of backup archives in case of data loss or corruption that goes unnoticed for more than a day.

Limited Liability

Rock Steady Software will not be liable for financial or other losses incurred due to incorrect operation of a database or errors in database logic or design or business logic. Our databases are developed in close collaboration with the client. During ongoing development each form, report, function and feature will be presented for evaluation and testing. It is the client's responsibility to ensure that the functions, calculations etc are working as expected and conform to the business rules of your particular organization.